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Tomi Wale



Tomi Wale is a thought leader and the creative director of a leading creative strategy and millennial insight company called GetUpInc. His experience in brand positioning & campaign strategy straddles law firms, religious organizations, food chains, fashion, financial organizations, educational institutions and real estate. He has enjoyed working and learning for over eight years and he tells every entrepreneur, “Lagos (or your local environment) is not the competition”.
His thoughts on the potential of the millennial demographic shared on the internet and in print recently got the attention of one of Africa’s top monarchs, the Ooni of Ife, who tagged him as being “interestingly futuristic” and commended his work in educating the African space on ways to leverage the millennial demographic and on having better positioning in time and on the global scene.
With over a million impressions in the first quarter of 2017, his Company, GetUpinc, has educated hundreds of thousands with the weekly twitter-discussion on Culture, New-Media Marketing, Leadership, Responsibility, Human Resource and Brand Positioning. GetUpInc’s report on the millennial demographic “The Nigerian Millennial Report” is a marketing tool used by organizations listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange to growing SMEs in Nigeria.
Partnering with BusinessDay, GetUpInc created the first and fastest growing millennial-centric magazine in Africa-The CEO Magazine. Top priorities for Tomi Wale revolve around ideas and workable-strategies to utilize opportunities in Africa. He’s happy about conversations that create the activities that will dominate the future of Africa in culture and sustainability. He tries to meet new people every day and enjoys the feeling he gets listening to good music on rainy days. When he goes to church on Sunday, he heads the visual-design team for the social media department of House On The Rock & The Experience Lagos.